MCA of NC 73rd Guam Liberation

MCA of NC will hold the 73rd Guam Liberation at Woodland Park on Fort Bragg/Pope AAF: Address for this event is 794 Armistead St. Event is free. For non-military affiliation, we suggest that you get your pass early.

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73rd Liberation


Board of Officers

President:              Roque Acfalle (910-286-8957)  (

Vice President:      Audrey Wilkins (910-583-3423) (

Secretary:             Rosita Hoffman (910-257-8542) (

Treasurer:             Sylvia Quinata (910-728-8700) (quinatas@yahoo,com)

Public Affairs Officer:     Thelma Nauta (910-584-6138) (

Sergeant at Arms:     Jose Meno (910-489-3408) (